About Us

In August of 2006, PepperTree Software was officially incorporated after years of independent consulting and business names that weren't so catchy.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with the best solution available based on their business needs and operating constraints. We Listen and We Engage.

"Throughout our journey we have seen technology change our lives, but let it change our lives to nourish relationships in thy Spirit and in thy family..."
M. Heron co-founder

Our Heritage

The founders of PepperTree Software started their software careers in the middle and late eighties in the Aerospace & Defense Industry. After a decade or more of working alongside some of the most talented engineers in the field, they left and entered the consulting world. Over the past decade, the founders have been engaged in both consulting and full-time employment with a variety of commercial and defense related companies which include startups and private ventures.

Our industy experience is very broad and ranges from restaurant & entertainment to aerospace. We have built or have assisted our clients with e-commerce websites, custom applications, iPhone development, integration services, project management, engineering documentation and enterprise solutions. We can design and build a solution that meets your business needs regardless of the constraints that many organizations face in todays challenging economy.